Our Online PLAYER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is for Hockey Players who are Junior Age Eligibility or will be within the next few years and have a goal of Playing Junior, US College and/or Pro Hockey

Turn your Challenges, Fears and Set Backs into powerful success Stories

Shatter your fears, and setbacks that have stopped you 
from achieving your hockey dreams.

Alot of Hockey Players and Parents struggle, trying to navigate the process of making it to the next level.

Trying to figure out HOW to get onto a JR Team, what Team they should be trying out for, How to get noticed by Scouts or reaching their goal of getting into a US College… can be confusing, time consuming and frustrating when you don't know what steps to be taking.

You can miss out completely or just waste a ton of time, energy and MONEY - NOT because you lack the talent or the drive, because you don't understand the process.
After 2 decades of working alongside Coaches, GMs, Scouts, Colleges… and seeing WHAT it is they look for in the Players they select for their Teams (both in talent and in character) … we started showing Players and families the process and they started making those Teams and reaching their goals!
To date we are PROUD to have helped over 200 Hockey Players make it to 
JR, US College and Pro Hockey and we’d love to help YOU too!

Imaging what would happen if

  • You had someone who knows the process and has a proven track record of success, show you the steps
  • You were prepared for and maximized your opportunities when they presented themselves or when you strategically created them
  • ​You got the attention of next level COACHES AND SCOUTS, regardless of whether your Team was winning or not
  • ​You knew exactly WHAT to say when reaching out to and/or talking to a Coach
  • ​You had a place where you could bring your problems/challenges around reaching your goals (because YOU WILL FACE LOTS, we ALL do) and get the encouragement, clarity and support that you need to walk through them
  • ​You developed an unbreakable mindset, trust and confidence in yourself so you see opportunities before they happen and meet them head on when they do
  • ​You had access to incredible tools that are built to help you to formulate a plan of action to reach your Hockey goals and STAND OUT as a dominant player, to the decision makers in the game
  • ​You could be in the same room as Pro players, JR Coaches, Scouts, GMs, prolific names and decision makers in the game.. Where you could ask them ANYTHING and stay connected with them
  • ​You were apart of a community of Players who all are all working toward the same things and are willing to work hard, support each other and learn from one anothers wins and losses…
In the PLAYER DEVELOPMENT Program you will get all this and so much MORE!

Some of the game's biggest names are NTC Hockey Alumni and we learned ALOT by watching their journey to success. We’ve taken what we learned, while Coaching and Leading them, to help other Players because SUCCESS ALWAYS LEAVES CLUES.
Some of our Alumni include :

If you are like most players, I bet you can relate to some of my story.

And if you are like many of the athletes I coach, you have the best of intentions with your game and honestly keep doing what you have always done, while expecting different results.

Listen, its not your fault, you have never been taught the habits, rituals + skills to building your mental resilience and success off and on the ice.  

You probably know that 1000’s of athletes make commitments to change their hockey outcomes each year,

And what you probably don’t know, almost all of them fail year after year, until they give up entirely.

And here’s the thing, their failure isn’t what you probably think.

It’s because they aren’t using the habits, rituals and skills to succeed.

THIS IS FOR YOU ➡ If you have ever been told

  • You’ll get your shot next year
  • ​Play at the lower level and we will call you up when we can
  • ​You are on the smaller size
  • ​Your hockey IQ needs to get better
  • ​You have slow feet
  • ​Sometimes life isn’t fair
  • ​Not everyone can get picked
  • ​Suck it up, not everyone can get on the ice
  • ​Do it for the name on the front, NOT the name on the back
  • ​Work on your skills and come try out again next year
  • ​I’ll come watch some of your games
You might be struggling with these same issues, the ones I shared in my story, or the same issues 1000’s of players do who commit to their game every year, only to miss the opportunities to reach their goals + dreams.

How much longer will you keep doing what you’ve been taught to do without it working for you?! 

Norris Trophy Winner
World Junior Champion
Olympic Champion

Stanley Cup Champion
Memorial Cup Champion
World Junior Champion
Stanley Cup Champion (2x)
  • ​Tyler Toffoli
  • ​Jeff Skinner
  • ​Reid Smith
  • ​Brendan Smith
  • ​Devante Smith Pelley
  • ​Matt Moulson
  • ​John Tavares
And countless NCAA and OHL champions.
“If you are a serious athlete - if you want to achieve a goal - or you don’t know how to talk to a coach to get to the next level. This is the program for you. There is a structure to it. Also a good structured workout. On the calls there is always these gold nuggets… and the Daily Game Sheets help start my day off on a high note.”

Age 19 - Lucas Laciak 
“I have learned so much in the 4 weeks I have done it. I have got to meet a whole bunch of people and built some good connections.”

Age 14 - Michael Robertson 

We are BRINGING our best to our table to help ensure that you have 
Everything you need to go to a whole new level.

Building on our experience, as well as training champions like Subban, Seguin, Bolland and Skinner we developed the Player Development winning program to help hockey players learn the process and get the support and guidance they need to make it to JR, US College or the Pros and to overcome the setbacks and challenges on the way.


Customized Training with the KINDUCT App - Used by a number of NHL Teams
  • Age and skill specific, mobile, speed, strength, mobility and power programming.
  • ​Programs updated monthly
  • Game analytics + metrics system
The Player Development Center 
  • An Online library of the Tools (with How To Videos) that EVERY player needs to develop themselves as a hockey player and get to their next level
  • Resources Include - How to Build a Player Profile that gets Read, Team Selection Process, Email Templates for reaching out and having conversations with Coaches (that YOU only need to fill out!!), The Morning GAMESHEETS - This one tool will change the game for you and help build massive confidence in yourself by helping you to start your morning off like a Pro, HOW to choose the RIGHT Team for you, and SO MUCH MORE.(sold alone, some of these tools range from $47 - 197 and you have access to all of them and any new ones that are added in)
  • ​Ongoing support for How To use these tools and put them into action with the Teams or Schools you want to contact and play for
WhatsApp - Our Virtual Locker Room
  • 24/7 support through our WhatsApp Locker Room with a Family/Player Advisor
  • This Virtual LOCKER ROOM is a safe space for players to show up, share any challenges, ask any questions, share wins and get the guidance and support and celebration that you need… this has become something that the players have made their own and we cant wait to see YOU in there! BOOYAH

2 NHL/OHL Style Hockey Combine

The COMBINE Details
The Hockey Specific Testing helps players analyze their skills and abilities.

Data Collection - Following a set of standardized and objective testing , players are testing using a series of on and off ice testing protocols
Data Analysis - Players are provided with clear and comprehensive testing reports
Data Review - At the conclusion of the combine, our coaches will explain testing results and reports to parents and players. 

The Benefits of the Combine

Player Assessment - Identify, monitor and assess player developed throughout the year
Training Program Specificity - Player results provide trainers and coaches with the necessary insight to designing individualized off season and in season training programs
Coaching and Scouting Resource - Hockey Specific results assist in player recruitment
Player Profiles - Understanding the missing links in physical and cognitive abilities is essential for player development throughout the year

"This program gets players prepared for the next level, they get to learn a lot fromJunior coaches, Junior Guys, Pro's, from the NHL all the way down. It gets them the chance to learn from guys that have been through it themselves. The guest speakers is one of the best things I've come across...and they (the players) can learn as much as they can." 

Justin Teakle
Head Coach
Brampton Admirals
OJHL Junior 'A'
"Everything that Dan does… is sending the right message to our young people. He teaches them the right culture. What you experience is what will get you to the next level. It is a must!” 

Jim Thomson
Owner and Governor Aurora Tigers
OJHL Junior ‘A’
NHL Alumni
The Player Development program will help take you from Frustration, Overwhelm and trying to figure it all out on your own... to being shown the process of getting to the next level and having the tools and support to get you there

This Program is ONLY $77 usd/month and you can stay in it for as little or as long as you need to. It’s worth 3 times the investment but it is our goal to make this as affordable and accessible to any player that needs it and is willing to put in the work.

"Our son is really doing so much better emotionally since he’s back working with you – the difference is amazing. Thank you so much."

Edda M
"A BIG thank you helping my son throughout his junior hockey! YOU have made such a huge difference in my sons life. FOR all you young hockey players out there who are working with Dan and his team, listen! Learn! My son is a prime example of a ‘AA’ hockey player who went on to play Junior hockey and this came through Dan and his team! Thank you! "

Steve B.
Dan Blackburn, Founder

Dan Blackburn, Founder 

Dan Blackburn will be your Advisor and Coach throughout your time in this program.

He is a Dad, Family/Player advisor, Founder of NTC Hockey, The Junior Showcase and a TEDx Speaker who loves helping Hockey Players find Success both on and off the ice. In 2019, Dan was a semi-finalist for the NHL’s Willie O’Ree Community Hero Award and he has been featured on Breakfast Television,, NHL Network and FOX Sports.

To date, Dan has trained thousands of athletes including champions such as P.K. Subban (New Jersey Devils) , David Bolland (Formerly Chicago Blackhawks) & Tyler Seguin (Dallas Stars) and has helped hundreds of Hockey Players make it to Junior, US college and/or Pro Hockey.

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