With this exclusive resource you’ll be able to:
  • Shift your mental habits and routines for success
  • Learn how to deal with performance anxiety
  • ​Build mental toughness and confidence
  • ​Learn the best mental practices for student athletes 
  • ​Achieve your goals in record time
Dan has coached some of hockey’s biggest talents 
Norris Trophy Winner
World Junior Champion
Olympic Champion
Stanley Cup Champion
Memorial Cup Champion
World Junior Champion
Stanley Cup Champion (2x)

After a survey, 85% of the most successful acknowledge habits and rituals are one of their secrets to success

Less than 1% of players reach their dream of playing in the NHL

90% of players in Minor and Junior hockey give up on their dreams because they are frustrated

So, unless your habits and routines are helping you succeed, in a stress free way…

You may find yourself guessing, hoping and wishing your way through your hockey journey…

But fear NOT, Because there is a quick fix,

This resource is your answer -

The GameSheets™ is a daily practice that teaches you how to use habits and routines for success.

And shows you how to defeat your performance anxiety

Here is what some of my coaching clients had to say
 I have learned so much in the 4 weeks I have done it. I have got to meet a whole bunch of people and built some good connections.”
- This group program athlete. Age 14 - Michael Robertson
 A BIG thank you helping my son throughout his junior hockey! YOU have made such a huge difference in my sons life. FOR all you young hockey players out there who are working with Dan and his team, listen! Learn! My son is a prime example of a ‘AA’ hockey player who went on to play Junior hockey and this came through Dan and his team! Thank you! "
- Steve B.
Hey, I’m Dan Blackburn, a dad, coach, mentor and founder of NTChockey and The Pillars of Greatness and I’ve helped some of the games biggest starts achieve success

In my experience, there are certain secret ingredients that go into achieving success in hockey and in life.

I know you work hard and I know the challenges can be overwhelming…

That’s why I’m sharing the Daily Game Sheet for you to get inspired, focused and on track to your dreams!
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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